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26 April 2015 @ 09:07 pm
The Other Halfway Line (17.2/?)  
Title : The Other Halfway Line
Chapter : 17.2/?
Author : unpublicguy
Pairing : Cames with the mention of Sark and other pairings as the story progress
Cast : Cale Mills, James Walker, cupid!Mark, cupid! Darren, cupid!Sarah, cupid!Kris and others
Rating : NC-17
Warning : This is not beta'ed
Disclaimer : I do wish that I own each and everyone who involved in this story (especially Cale Mills) but sadly it's just my imaginary overdrive again.
Summary : Not everyone is lucky in their love department, at least not for James in general. Luckily he got some helps this time around.

“Drink it.”

Cale stared awkwardly at Kris; confusion overwhelmed in his heart.

“I don’t feel like to get myself drunk today.”

Kris sighed softly. He knew Cale like the back to his hand.

His friend was not being himself like he used to.

“Just take it. You’ve been staring into space for the past 30 minutes.”

“Kris, like I already say," Cale protested quietly

Kris nodded a little, “It will not get you drunk. I mixed some fruit punch and give some kick into it.”

Cale looked at the well-decorated glass and glanced at his friend again.

Leaving no choice, Cale took the glass and quietly sipped it.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Kris asked quietly.

Cale put the glass back on the bar again, shook his head.

“It’s not serious. It will pass through in no time.”

“If you say so,” Kris back out a little, “Why do you come alone? Where’s James?”

“I don’t know,” Cale shrugged.

“You don’t-? Don’t tell me that you both got into a fight."

Cale chuckled softly, “Quite the contrary. He just makes me all anxious for no reason.”

“And that’s a bad thing because-"

Cale whispered softly, “He makes me nervous like how I’m anxious over a girl. Dude, I’m not gay.”

“Maybe you should try to talk with James about it,” Kris encouraged.

“And make myself look stupid?” Cale raised his eyebrows, “I know this will pass. I can get through this.”

Kris watched at his friend tried to understand him.

Is this the turning point for Cale?

“You guys have been worked together for a long time,” Kris stated warily, “You never feel nervous with him before, right?”

Cale nodded quietly, “Damn that blushed stuff."

“Who’s blushing?” Kris asked curiously.

Cale sighed again, “James.”

“You make him feel nervous,” Kris chuckled lightly, “That’s why he’s blushing.”

“He really should stop with this blushed thing.”

“Cale, you can’t ask a person to do what you want.”

Cale groaned angrily.

He felt more complicated than he felt before.

“Take it easy,” Kris smiled knowingly, “Problem won’t go away if you keep running from it.”

Kris grinned widely watching his friend agreed to his advice.

Sooner or later, Cale and James will figure it out themselves.


Letting out his frustrated sighed, his mind slowly drifted back to the incident with James.

It’s funny how he didn’t freak out when he felt James's boner, and yet he felt restless just because he felt the nervous staring at James.

“What should I do with you, James?” Cale whispered.

Kris was right. He can’t run away from his problem.

It’s just it makes him uncomfortable that he even felt nervous for a guy.

Cale was startled when he felt someone was tapping his shoulder from behind.

“Sir,” One of his staffs, Maxidex had been tapping his shoulder for a few minutes.

He needed Cale's signature in the document when he finally his boss.

Surprisingly when he tapped on Cale's shoulder, Cale didn’t respond to his touch.

It’s like he was not there at all.

“Yeah,” Cale growled quietly, “What can I help you?”

“I need you to sign on this paper,” Maxidex held out the document for Cale.

Cale was taking his time reading the paper one by one.

“Can you come back to my office after the lunch break?” Cale asked.

“Sure thing, sir,” Maxie nodded a little, “Are you okay, sir?”

Cale looked curiously at Maxie, “I am. Why?”

“You’re day dreaming. I believe everyone is staring at you before I come.” Maxidex smiled awkwardly.

“I just have a lot of things in my mind,” Cale stated firmly.

“Well,” Maxidex shrugged as he walked back to his desk, “Maybe it’s time for you to conquer your fear.”

Cale watched the boy left him all alone, thinking quietly.

Conquering my fear, huh?
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