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03 May 2015 @ 10:12 pm
The Other Halfway Line (23.2/?)  
Title : The Other Halfway Line
Chapter : 23.2/?
Author : unpublicguy
Pairing : Cames with the mention of Sark and other pairings as the story progress
Cast : Cale Mills, James Walker, cupid!Mark, cupid! Darren, cupid!Sarah, cupid!Kris and others
Rating : NC-17
Warning : This is not beta'ed
Disclaimer : I do wish that I own each and everyone who involved in this story (especially Cale Mills) but sadly it's just my imaginary overdrive again.
Summary : Not everyone is lucky in their love department, at least not for James in general. Luckily he got some helps this time around.

Flashback : Five years old Cale Andrew Mills

“Who are you?”

Cale slowly took a step back as he noticed that the guy was walking toward him. Something about that guy intimidating him.

Noticed that the little boy was afraid by his presence, Sebastian lowered his body slowly, his lips curled into a small smiled.

“My name is Sebastian. What’s your name?”

“C-Cale,” Cale stuttered softly. He can feel his nerve was riding through his little body.

“I know you’re scared of me,” Sebastian let out a soft chuckled, “But I’m not here to hurt you.”

Cale nodded quietly. He didn’t know how to respond to him. What’s he supposed to say to a grown adult stranger?

Crying out loud and shout don’t hurt me?

“Now Cale, listen to me,” Sebastian piped up, “You should not come here all by yourself. It’s dangerous.”

“B-but,” Cale murmured quietly, his hand pointed to the little rabbit that lingered around his foot.

Sebastian nodded knowingly, “I know how you got here. I’m going to send you home now. I’m sure your mom and your dad worry about you.”

“But- I don’t know how,” Cale said. Now come to think about it, he just make himself lost, isn’t he?

“Close your eyes,” Sebastian smiled warmly, “Do it.”

Cale watched Sebastian carefully as he closed his eyes. He silently prayed his safety hoping that Sebastian would not do harm to him.

“Imagine your house, Cale.” Sebastian whispered softly.

Cale followed his word. He imagined his front yard. He saw his dad and his sister at the ground talking to each other animatedly. He imagined his mom at the front door watching them closely.

Cale can feel his heart slow down a bit from the nervous.

Sebastian quietly spread his wings, covered Cale fully in his arms and transported them to Cale house.

It’s part of his job to send lost kid every now and then. Regardless where the kids came from, Sebastian just needed to know their name and he will have the ability to send them home again. The whole idea to have kids imagined their home was to make sure his identity didn’t revealed and in the same time the lost kid will not freak out when he sent them home.

“Now open your eyes,” Sebastian murmured. He watched as Cale opened his eyes again.

Cale followed Sebastian word, slowly opened his eyes again. He grinned widely when he saw his house right in front of his eyes. Turning his head to his left, Cale saw his figure action that he played with a moment ago.

“It’s my house,” Cale exclaimed happily. He turned around and met with Sebastian smiling face, “But how?”

“It doesn’t matter how I do it,” Sebastian shrugged, “What’s important is you now at your house.”

“Thank you Sebastian,” Cale quietly hugged Sebastian with his little hands. Sebastian startled with the hug. He never got any kid hugs him for sending them home.

“You’re welcome,” Sebastian returned the hug just as tight as Cale give, “Now I need to go. You take care of yourself, okay?”

“Sebastian,” Cale hold the lower of Sebastian shirt, his feet played awkwardly, “Would you like to be my friend?”

“Huh?” Sebastian caught off guard with Cale’s question. He didn’t hear it wrong, right?

“I figure,” Cale lowered his head, tried to his awkwardness, “Since you already help me.”

Sebastian let out a soft giggled. This kid sure was something.

“It will be my pleasure, Cale.”

“But how?” Cale asked curiously.

Sebastian put his hand on top of Cale chest, smiled warmly, “Whenever you need me, just think of me in your heart. I’ll come to see you as soon as possible.”


Sebastian nodded quietly, “Promise.”


Cale looked to his front door and saw his dad was there.

“Daddy!” Cale exclaimed happily, “Dad, come here. Meet my new friend.”

Cale dragged his dad hand and hope he can introduce Sebastian to his dad, but his steps stopped when he found Sebastian was not there.

“He’s gone,” Cale whispered quietly.

“Hmmm, maybe you can introduce your friend to me when he comes over.”

Cale nodded, “I will.”

“Now, I got some present for you.”

Cale shouted with excitement when he saw the familiar red cap.

“Rozarback cap for me?”

“It’s yours buddy. Now you can wear it when you’re watching their match.”

Cale hugged his dad tightly, “Thanks dad.”

Sebastian looked at Cale and his dad from his distance, a wide smiled curled on his lips.
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