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02 May 2015 @ 04:06 pm
The Other Halfway Line (23.1/?)  
Title : The Other Halfway Line
Chapter : 23.1/?
Author : unpublicguy
Pairing : Cames with the mention of Sark and other pairings as the story progress
Cast : Cale Mills, James Walker, cupid!Mark, cupid! Darren, cupid!Sarah, cupid!Kris and others
Rating : NC-17
Warning : This is not beta'ed
Disclaimer : I do wish that I own each and everyone who involved in this story (especially Cale Mills) but sadly it's just my imaginary overdrive again.
Summary : Not everyone is lucky in their love department, at least not for James in general. Luckily he got some helps this time around.

A/N: (squeal happily) I don't know if it's true or he accidentally click on the button, but ladies and gentlemen.... I have Mr. Colby Keller as one of my follower in my twitter list! Words can't describe my happiness when I got this news... but it's still okay if he unfollowed back, no heart feelings... but for now --YESSS!
Oh, in case if you're wondering....Mr. Colby Keller is one of the famous gay porn stars in the industry at the moment. He was recently been listed as No 1 for Top Performer in Aebn.com (did I mentioned that he look a bit like Cale Mills? ;-) )

Flashback : Five years old Cale Andrew Mills

Brushing his eyes softly, Cale yawned quietly walking to the dinner table.

He found his mom near the counter cooking something.

Feeling sleepy, Cale put his head on the table tried to stay awake.

“Mom, where’s everyone?” Cale closed his little mouth, yawned again.

“Dad at work, Debbie is probably going to her friend house.”

Cale felt his eyes were heavy. The quietness around the house makes him pretty easy to fall asleep again.

He was almost lullaby to his sleep when his ear caught the loud thump of a plate and water being poured in front of him.

Looking up, he found his mother was serving his breakfast on the table.

“I cook you some bacon this morning. Eat up.”

“Thank mom,” Cale rubbed his eyes, his eyes reached for the fork and the spoon.

Quiet yet gentle, Cale chewed his bacon bit by bit enjoying his breakfast.

His mom sure knew what his favorite.

After he done, he gulped the juice that been poured by his mom with one quick chuck.

“Take it easy. You might choke if you drink that fast.”

Cale smiled warmly, putting his glass down.

“I’ll be at the front yard playing.”

“Be careful. Don’t burn yourself under the sun.”

“Alrite,” Cale ran toward the front door, his hand carrying his favorite toys that he’s going to play with.


“Come on Spidey, you can’t give up yet.”

Cale used his Spidey super power string shot and sprayed around The Thor.

“Yes,” Cale shouted happily, his hand rolling the Thor figure on the grass.

“Oh no, I’m stuck,” Cale mimicked Thor voiced, his other hand brought Spidey and put it on top of Thor.

“You can’t run away from me now,” Cale used his Spidey voiced, laughed devilishly.

He was enjoying his little battle when a white rabbit suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Wow,” Cale shrieked happily tried to catch the rabbit.

To his surprise, the rabbit was jumping away from him.

He tried to get close to it but instead the rabbit was running away from him.

“Hey wait!” Cale exclaimed loudly, his feet chasing the rabbit that ran in front of him.

“I just want to be your friend. Don’t go.”


“Now go along you two,” Sebastian patted the dogs in front of him gently.

The two was having a fight right before Sebastian could stop them.

As he let out his deep sighed, he lay on top of the grass gazing into the blue sky.

Sebastian smiled quietly mumbled, “That was easy.”

He watched the sky quietly, letting his body relaxed into the field.

He had never felt so carefree and relax for such a long time.

Sebastian slowly closed his eyes, enjoying the fresh breeze that blew on his face.

“Hey wait up!”

He tried to catch the sound that he just heard.

He knew what he heard and that was impossible to happen.

There’s no one should be here, except him and the animal.

Why on earth a kid will come to this place?

Then he heard some footstep running.It's not too clear to his ear, but it was indeed the sound of it.

“Someone was trespassing this place,” Sebastian whispered quietly.

Turning his body slightly, Sebastian saw a little boy was running around the park chasing a cute rabbit. It turns out the rabbit was scared as it keeps running around the place.

Sebastian watched the little boy quietly from his distance.

The kid had not noticed him yet, so he thought it’s better for him to keep his distance.

“That kid ran pretty fast,” Sebastian whispered in his heart.


Cale kept his pace as he tried to catch the rabbit that he saw at his yard a few minutes ago.

He totally forgot that he was already separated from his house.

He swore he will stop running once his hand caught the rabbit, but dang it!

The little white fur won’t stop running at all.

Feeling tired, he stopped for a while tried to catch his breathe again.

Cale watched the rabbit quietly when the white fur was approaching to someone near the end of the field.

He saw a body was lying on the field while the rabbit was sitting quietly next to him.

Taking his steps quietly, Cale tried to approach the image that he saw.

Deep inside his heart, he knew his eyes were not lying.

His breath stopped when the image suddenly standing in front of him.

They were looking at each other, the hazel met the ocean blue eyes.

Cale felt his body shredded a bit, his stomach felt uneasy staring face to face with a stranger.

His mom had reminded him the danger for talking with a stranger.

Sebastian smiled warmly. He knew he makes the little boy nervous with his presence.

He lowered his body a little, softly patting on top of the head of the rabbit.

Cale felt a bit shocked when the white fur suddenly ran to him.

“Just a touch from that guy and the rabbit came me?” Cale whispered quietly.

Watching the guy carefully, Cale gulped his nervous staring to the eyes of the stranger.

“W-who are y-you?” Cale asked nervously.
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