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01 May 2015 @ 05:29 pm
>>> short.break  
Though I enjoyed updating my story, this guy could use some breaks right?
Plus, I want my story to have a closure for once.

Then I went to Quotev.com + Fanfiction.net to do some Cale Mills research since Livejournal is pratically dead.
Pretty much only me who still update and using Cale Mills as a tag in any entry.

Needless to say, it's a flawless music video despite the stupid
top comment in the page (lol).... even though I prefer to date a guy over
a girl but most my OTP came from STRAIGHT couple,
eg : Finchel / Quinn+Sam / Bram (Britanny+Sam)....
but I like Blaine. I actually can relate to him ever since season 5.

I don't even know what is "Viner" or who is "Cameron Dallas" but the description sure fit what I see in my future. Maybe that's why I dream a twin baby last night (shrug)....

take the quiz

I hope so.... I'm on my way to become one but it exhausting to write sometimes.
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