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29 April 2015 @ 04:04 pm
The Other Halfway Line (20/?)  
Title : The Other Halfway Line
Chapter : 20/?
Author : unpublicguy
Pairing : Cames with the mention of Sark and other pairings as the story progress
Cast : Cale Mills, James Walker, cupid!Mark, cupid! Darren, cupid!Sarah, cupid!Kris and others
Rating : NC-17
Warning : This is not beta'ed
Disclaimer : I do wish that I own each and everyone who involved in this story (especially Cale Mills) but sadly it's just my imaginary overdrive again.
Summary : Not everyone is lucky in their love department, at least not for James in general. Luckily he got some helps this time around.

He’s not afraid.

Yeah he’s not.

It’s just normal for his heart to suddenly beating so fast, watching the image getting closer to him.

Licking his lips nervously, James whispered softly.


“Hi,” Cale replied awkwardly tried to believe his eyes, “I never expect to see you here.”

“Yeah,” James gazed to the window for a while and met the intense stare again.

“I just thought it’s silly to wait for you while I know I can just go here.”

Cale gulped, “What do you mean?”

James shook his head, smirked warmly, “it’s not important. I just want to give you this.”

James reached out to his jacket and held out the letter.

It’s the same letter that he received from Sebastian.

Cale took the letter from James, asking curiously, “What’s this?”

“Open it.”

Cale examined the package carefully.

Wondered what the letter was about.

He swore his heart stopped beating for a while when the letter revealed out some tickets.

“Front row for football Razor Back?” Cale read it quietly.

James nodded knowingly, “I remember that you loves sport so much, so I thought this would be perfect for you.”

“James,”Cale grinned widely, just lost his word.

He looked at the letter again and he found the second ticket.

“But why two tickets?” Cale frowned.

James shrugged, “It’s my friend idea so I can bring another person to the game but I don’t like sport that much.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Cale gazed at James quietly.

“It’s okay,” James smiled knowingly.

It’s enough for him to see Cale happy with the tickets, that’s what matter for him.

Looking at his watch, James piped up, “I better get going. My break is almost over.”

“Wait,” Cale sighed, “You’re leaving already?”

“Yeah,” James confuzzeld, “I believe that you have work to do right?”

Cale stared at his friend, disbelief overwhelm his heart.

“But you just give me your football tickets?”

“I don’t see the big issue here, Cale.”

“Let me properly thanks you.”

Cale slowly took his step, little by little.

His feet were touching James shoes.

Cale stared into James eyes deeply as his mind tried to form some words.

He found James eyes were copying him, tried to find some sense from him.

Before they knew it, they were quietly exchanging breathe between one another.

Cale can feel the sudden shaken between his thumbs.

It’s the normal sign whenever he was nervous.

Tried his might, James feel the sudden adrenaline was running through his body.

He never realized until now that he was actually fighting to not get close to Cale.

With Cale just an inch from him and his sweet scent from his body, James knew he might lose his control.

And yet, there’s nothing he can do about it.

He didn’t want to push Cale away. He can’t do it.

James tried his best not to feel nervous, but his heart just kept racing.

Staring into the hazel eyes, he tried to make his own sense.

Would it be weird for him to touch Cale face?

Licking his bottom lips, James broke their intense eyes contact.

He lowered his head, leaving Cale gaped with surprised.

“Your tie crooked,” James sighed softly, his hand softly untangled the tie a bit.

Cale blinked once, two when he felt James hand on his tie.

James saved both of them from the awkward silent again.

“Cale what did you promise to yourself?” Cale asked quietly in his mind.

He should just push James away, that’s the rational thing to do.

He knew it.

It’s just that…. he couldn’t do it.

Even though they were not touching each other, Cale can feel that James was fighting his feeling too.

It’s the exact thing that he done since last week.

The difference is James was just inch away from him and he wanted to be close to James.

“James,” Cale sighed deeply, waiting for James to look at him again.

He smiled to his eyes when James’s eyes met him.

“May I treat you with some coffee?”

“I would love to, but you- I-,” James stuttered a bit.

He’s not used to be a stutter but Cale might turn him into one pretty soon.

Since when he thought his former boss is a sexy beast?

James blushed to himself when he thought the incident where he caught Cale was half naked.

“James, you’re blushing,” Cale smirked widely.

He patiently waiting for James to finish his word, but it turned out his friend was blushing.

“I- I’m s-sorry,” James sighed.

Looking down to their hands, Cale took James by the wrist as they both leaving his room.


Time was running and he swore he was practically running around the diner.

“Table 49, order is ready,”

Sebastian glanced briefly to the counter, sighed tiredly, “I’m coming.”

Strutting his pace, Sebastian left a warm smiled as he served the food calmly.

“Enjoy your food.”

They smiled back to him with Sebastian left them to take another order.

He kept his eyes looking for James but he failed to notice him.

Where had James gone to?

He quickly tapped one of the boys that walked in front of him.

“Have you seen James?” Sebastian asked curiously.

To his surprised, the boy was shaking his head.

Biting his lips nervously, Sebastian knew he left no choice.

It’s time to ask James guardian.

“Mark,” Sebastian called his friend when he saw Mark was about to left the diner.

“Have you seen James?”

Mark shrugged, “He was gone for a lunch break.”

“But the lunch break already over,” Sebastian stated firmly.

“Damn,” Mark hissed quietly, “Where he has gone?”

“Aren’t we suppose have some helper if one of us gone during business hour?” Sebastian asked curiously.

“Yeah but they only cover for cupid like us,” Mark stared at his friend, “Not when James not around.”

“Great,” Sebastian exclaimed, his put his hand on the air briefly, “Now I need to do this all alone.”

“He didn’t tell you where he goes for his lunch break?” Mark frowned, “I thought you guys are close.”

Sebastian sighed deeply as his mind tried to answer the question.

He didn’t think about it and this was the first time James gone more than one hour.

“I’m busy and I totally forget about it.”

“I can answer that,” Darren popped out of the blue, startling his two friends.

Mark watched Darren quietly, “Where is he?”

“He with Cale now,” Darren answered chipper.

“B-but how?” Mark hissed angrily.

Darren focused his eyes back to Sebastian, a small smirked on lips.

“Why don’t we ask our friends here?”
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